For individuals who need to create flow charts, organisaton charts, floor plans, Gantt charts or timelines


You will be able to create a wide range of diagrams very quickly and effortlessly.

Course Content

  • Create a basic flowchart and a cross-functional flowchart
  • Construct an organisation chart
  • Draw a Gantt chart & timeline
  • Use all the formatting, selection and navigation tools
  • Customise your stencil & toolbars
  • Apply backgrounds to templates
  • Edit shape data & graphics
  • Linking and embedding Visio diagrams


  • 2-3 hours depending on the number of different diagrams which need to be covered


  • £220 or £310 including the hire of 8 laptops (2 hours)
  • £330 or £435 including the hire of 8 laptops (3 hours)


  • All training visio diagrams for future practice
  • Full colour booklet to accompany the lesson
  • Telephone & email support on all objectives for a month after the course

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