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ALX Training / Other / Adobe / Adobe – Working with PDFs

Adobe – Working with PDFs

Navigation and viewing PDF pages

Navigate around the different toolbars/menus/panes
PDF viewing preferences
Set the page layout and orientation
Use grids, guides and measurements

Edit text in PDFs

Edit and delete text in a PDF
Add to a numbered or bulleted list
Add new text to a PDF
Add text to flat forms
Format text
Move, rotate or resize a text box

Edit Images or Objects in a PDF

Place an image or object into a PDF
Move or resize an image
Rotate, flip, crop or replace an image
Arrange an image in front or behind other elements
Edit an image outside of Acrobat

Working with PDF Layers

Show or hide layers
Edit layer properties
Reorder layers
Add layer navigation
Import layers
Merge or flatten layers
Edit layer content

Page thumbnails and bookmarks

Define the tabbing order
Create a bookmark
Edit a bookmark
Create a bookmark hierarchy

Creating PDF forms

Create form from existing document
Create form from scratch or templates
Enable user to save form data
Distribute forms
Use Forms Tracker
Collect form data

Using form controls

Using Text Fields
Using Radio Buttons
Using Tick Boxes
Using Dropdown and List menus
Using Action buttons

Form Field Properties

Modify form field properties
Setting options in the General tab
Setting option in the Appearance tab
Setting options in the Position tab
Setting options in the Options tab
Setting options in the Actions tab
Setting options in the Calculate tab
Setting options in the Format tab
Setting option in the Validation tab
Setting options in the Value tab

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