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Systems Videos

Creating bespoke instructional videos can be an invaluable way of saving your staff time in learning new skills.

If your employees need to know how to perform certain functions on your systems, videos are a fantastic resource. Being able to view the process and listen to a helpful voiceover, as well as pop out information boxes highlighting the instructions, are a great way to illustrate systems’ capabilities.

Certain systems can take time to learn and many companies operate in a unique way. Often, global companies need their staff in different jurisdictions to follow the same processes when using a system. Creating a training video is an ideal way to ensure that staff all receive identical resources on how to carry out such procedures.

Ideally shorter instructional videos of 5 minutes work well, targeting specific topics, allowing users to pick and choose the elements they are keen to learn.

ALX Training creates effective bespoke instructional videos using Adobe Captivate and also provides the voice-over to accompany the video.

Get in touch today to discuss your requirements. Please call us on 01534 873785 or email [email protected] to arrange a demonstration.

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