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ALX Training / PowerPoint: Presentations

PowerPoint: Presentations

The Need:

In the dynamic world of business, presentations are more than slides—they’re your voice, your impact, and your gateway to success.  Imagine crafting stunning presentations swiftly and with unwavering confidence.  PowerPoint isn’t just about bullet points; it’s about captivating your audience.  Beyond text, PowerPoint empowers you to weave narratives with diagrams, images, graphs, and videos.  Your data becomes a compelling story, and your ideas leap off the screen.

Whether you’re pitching to clients or presenting to colleagues, a polished PowerPoint sets you apart. Learn the art of alignment, font harmony, and slide transitions.  By the end of this program of learning, you will have transformed your PowerPoint prowess into a force that captivates, persuades, and propels you forward.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this program of learning, you will know:

How to work with slide masters
How to edit and import slide designs
How to insert new slides & layouts
How to insert tables, charts & SmartArt
How to format the content professionally
How to apply animation and transitions
How to prepare handouts & notes
How to save & share your presentation

Course Audience:

This course is for individuals who want to use Microsoft PowerPoint in their day-to-day business practices to develop presentations that captivate and persuade.  It is ideal for anyone new to Microsoft PowerPoint or who wants to learn how to use it to help them achieve more.

Course Delivery Options:

   This course can be delivered online, or
   Face-to-face in our training centre, or
   At your place of work.

If you would like to have this class online, you will need access to two screens, a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

Course Duration:

   This highly engaging program of learning is a 3-hour interactive workshop.

Course Prerequisites:

Ahead of booking onto this program of learning, you must ensure:

1. You must have basic IT skills
2. You must have Microsoft 365 PowerPoint installed

Course Includes:

All exercise files for future practice
A full-color booklet to accompany the lesson

Course Cost:

Contact a member of the ALX team for further details using the ‘Contact Form’ below.

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