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ALX Training / Excel / Excel: Cleaning Data

Excel: Cleaning Data

The Need:

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Do you have spreadsheets that need data correcting before you can use them constructively?
  • Do you spend a lot of time correcting the data prior to actually utilising it?
  • Do you receive imported data that needs to be modified before it can put to use?
  • Do you need to separate content from a cell into multiple cells?
  • Do you need to correct the case (upper or lower case)?
  • Are there additional spaces that need to be removed?
  • or maybe there are a lot of duplicate entries that need to be removed?
  • Do you need to find any cells that contain formulas, data validation, blanks or conditional formatting?
  • Before you can start on your work, do you need to carry out basic formatting tasks? (format a column as Date? change the header row, remove or move columns, etc.)

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this course can help you and save you time. Our Data Cleaning course will enable you to review and clean your data across multiple spreadsheets, take raw data and change how it is presented, find hidden formulas and format blank cells, identify errors and taking proper steps to solve those errors.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this program of learning, you will know:

How to use text to columns & Flashfill to split data
How to use Flashfill & CONCAT formulas to join data
How to write TRIM, PROPER, LOWER & UPPER formulas
How to find, highlight & remove blank cells & duplicates
How to transpose data
How to use Go To Special box
How to write FIND, LEFT, LEN, RIGHT & MID formulas
How to record a very basic reformatting macro to clean data

Course Audience:

This course has been designed specifically for individuals who are confident in Microsoft Excel and need to work with data that has been imported or incorrectly formatted, and use the various built in functions of Excel to rectify issues easily.  This course is idea for roles such as:  Finance & Accounting Professionals, Administrators, Office Managers, HR Specialists and Financial Analysts, etc.

Course Delivery Options:

   This course can be delivered online, or
   Face-to-face in our training centre, or
   At your place of work.

If you would like to have this class online, you will need access to two screens, a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

Course Duration:

   This highly engaging program of learning is a 3-hour interactive workshop.

Course Prerequisites:

Ahead of booking onto this program of learning, you must ensure:

1. That you are familiar with the content covered in the Microsoft Excel Essentials course.

Course Includes:

All training spreadsheets for future practice
A full colour booklet to accompany the lesson

Course Cost:

Contact a member of the ALX team for further details using the ‘Contact Form’ below.

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