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Office 365 – Desktop Apps

The Need:

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, understanding the Microsoft 365 suite isn’t merely advisable—it’s essential for achieving success. A deep comprehension of Microsoft 365’s offerings empowers you to amplify collaboration, supercharge productivity, and make informed decisions while using its applications. These benefits all stem from a solid grasp of the suite’s features and functions.

Each application within Microsoft 365 serves a unique purpose. By discerning their capabilities, you can navigate tools like OneDrive, Outlook, and Teams—tools that facilitate effective training and support. As users embrace what they understand, your knowledge becomes a bridge to higher levels of skill and capability. Remember, Microsoft 365 isn’t just software; it’s an interconnected ecosystem. Insights into integrations, analytics, and third-party apps provide a holistic perspective.

In this course, we’ll equip you with practical skills and essential knowledge, harmonising technology with your organisational aspirations.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this program of learning, you will know:

How to use the new Backstage View
How to search and open documents from Teams using the Backstage View
How to use the help/search bar to find files from Teams
How to apply the autosave feature and save copies to Teams
How to use Version History correctly
How to rename documents within the application and file location
How to share files externally and internally
How to save new files created via the desktop app to Teams
How to pin files to the Open menu and Jump Menus
How to use the Search box for help
How to make best use of the new comments and @mentions feature
How to edit PDFs in Microsoft Word365
How to use the new tools in Microsoft Word365
How to use the new features & options in Microsoft Outlook365
How to attach files without browsing
How to apply changes to replies and forwards in Microsoft Outlook365
How to apply the new tools in Microsoft Excel365
How to apply the new tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 365

Course Audience:

This course has been specifically designed for business professionals who have recently transitioned to the Microsoft Office 365 suite and wish to acquire maximum value from the applications, that your organisation has deployed.

Course Delivery Options:

   This course can be delivered online or
   Face-to-face in our training centre or
   At your place of work.

If you would like to have this class online, you will need access to two screens, a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

Course Duration:

   This highly engaging program of learning is a 2-hour interactive workshop.

Course Prerequisites:

Ahead of booking onto this program of learning, you must ensure:

1. That you have basic IT skills.

Course Includes:

Full-colour booklet to accompany the lesson

Course Cost:

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