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Teams Live Events

The Need:

In today’s interconnected business landscape, communication is the lifeblood of success. Enter Microsoft Live Events—a dynamic platform that transcends geographical boundaries, enabling organizations to engage, inform, and inspire large audiences.  Live events empower you to connect with thousands of people simultaneously. Whether it’s a company-wide town hall, product launch, or training session, live events ensure your message resonates across diverse teams.

Do you struggle with planning and execution? Require insights and best practices on how to run live events? Do you lack knowledge in the area of Microsoft Teams technical nuances and strategic approaches in order to create memorable and engaging live events.  If so, this highly interactive workshop will provide you with a deep understanding of Microsoft Teams Live Events and ensure you deliver a memorable event for impactful communication.

Course Objectives:

By the end of this program of learning, you will know:

How to assign the different roles used during a Town Hall
What views the attendee’s and the presenter have during a Town Hall?
How to use the Producer Window
How to schedule, start and end a Town Hall
How to moderate attendees Q&As
How to apply best practices when organising and hosting a Live Event

Course Audience:

This course has been designed specifically for individuals who need to leverage the power of live events to engage, inspire, and inform large audiences on matters of Business, Products & Services or Educate audiences on mass using Microsoft Teams Live Events.  It is the ideal program of learning for communication professionals, event organisers, IT administrators, or anyone who is interested in enhancing their organisation communication strategy.

Course Delivery Options:

   This course can be delivered online, or
   Face-to-face in our training centre, or
   At your place of work.

If you would like to have this class online, you will need access to two screens, a webcam, speakers, and a microphone.

Course Duration:

   This highly engaging program of learning is a 3-hour interactive workshop.

Course Prerequisites:

Ahead of booking onto this program of learning, you must ensure:

1. That you have access to Microsoft Office 365.
2. That you have access to Microsoft Teams
3. That you have basic IT skills

Course Includes:

A copy of the presentation (PDF).
Project planning tools and templates that support the tasks leading up to the delivery of the live event
Additional documents and templates that support the hosting of the live event

Course Cost:

Contact a member of the ALX team for further details using the ‘Contact Form’ below.

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