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Did you know that alongside our classroom and remote training capabilities, we can also support your eLearning plans? With modern authoring tools, we’re able to create bespoke modules quickly, which in turn reduces the cost of production.

Micro-learning: short, targeted, focused courses ranging from 3-7 minutes on specific learning points, are the new industry hot topic. These bite-sized chunks are easier to consume and when well-constructed, will save time and be very cost-effective. At ALX, we can create micro-learning courses using RAPID development methods, which means turning courses around much faster than traditional eLearning methods.

Key advantages of ALX eLearning:

  • Rapid development – weeks instead of months of development. Amendments can be made easily and quickly.
  • Measurable – Progress and performance of your staff can be tracked with statistics and analytics. Our courses test the learner’s grasp of new ideas.
  • Targeted – Effective training designed for your staff by our professional instructional designers will increase your productivity and returns.
  • Online and Mobile – Learners can work in their own time from any device.
  • Time Efficient – eLearning reduces the time that staff are out of the office for training.



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