For absolutely everyone who uses Outlook on a daily basis.


This course will save you hours of work by automating repetitive tasks, reducing the size of your inbox and customising Outlook so that it works harder for you.

Course Content

  • Manage your inbox
  • Set up rules, alerts & quick steps to automate repetitive actions
  • Create Quick Parts to save email templates
  • Find any mailbox item quickly
  • Calendar & contacts tips
  • Use follow-up & delegate tasks
  • Use follow-up & delegate tasks
  • Customise Outlook for your needs


2 hours with lots of hands-on practical exercises


  • £220 or £310 including the hire of 8 laptops


  • Full colour booklet to accompany the lesson
  • Telephone & email support on all objectives for a month after the course

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  • When payment is complete we will email you your username and password.